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RNA-RNA Hybridization Accelerator

10750029-1 Glycomatrix 25 mL

RNA-RNA Hybridization Accelerator

10750029-2 Glycomatrix 50 mL

Recombinant Saccharomyces 20S RNA narnavirus RNA-directed RNA polymerase, partial

MBS1195248-INQUIRE MyBiosource INQUIRE

RDR2 | RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 2

AS15-3097 Agrisera AB 200 µg

RDR6 | RNA-dependent RNA polymerase 6

AS15-3098 Agrisera AB 50 µg

RNA isolater Total RNA Extraction Reagent

R401-01 Vazyme 100 ml

RNA-directed RNA polymerase P1 Antibody

MBS7168017-INQUIRE MyBiosource INQUIRE

Polyclonal ETO polyclonal antibody

APR00372G Leading Biology 0.05ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal SHH Polyclonal Antibody

APR00434G Leading Biology 0.1mg 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal ETO polyclonal antibody

APR00435G Leading Biology 0.1ml 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal p53 polyclonal antibody

APR00443G Leading Biology 0.05mg 633.6 EUR

Polyclonal G9a polyclonal antibody

APR00448G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal PML polyclonal antibody

AMR09397G Leading Biology 0.05mg 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal YY1 polyclonal antibody

APR14018G Leading Biology 0.1ml 580.8 EUR

Polyclonal RARA polyclonal antibody

APR00370G Leading Biology 0.05ml 580.8 EUR

Our used polyclonals in Pubmed.

NCC Antibody, Anti-NCC Antibody

MBS805073-01mg MyBiosource 0.1mg 525 EUR

NCC Antibody, Anti-NCC Antibody

MBS805073-5x01mg MyBiosource 5x0.1mg 1830 EUR

Tau (Ab-262) Antibody Antibody

E11-7239B EnoGene 100μg/100μl 225 EUR

Antibody Pair to APOA5 Antibody

E10-20042 EnoGene 100μg/100μl 225 EUR

CLCN5 Antibody / CIC-5 antibody

RQ6462 NSJ Bioreagents 100ug 356.15 EUR

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