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Complementary cell-free and cell-based translation methods are currently being used to prepare proteins in the target classes of sphingolipid synthases, sigma-1 receptor, fatty acid desaturases, and pilin assembly complexes for functional studies and structure determination.

We are developing cell-free translation, which utilizes ENDEXT® technology, as a versatile method for studying membrane protein structure and function. TMPC’s experimental platform is based on establishing predictive behaviors for membrane proteins using robotic cell-free translation in small-scale (50 µL to 1.2 mL). Robotic translation has an advantage of simplicity and reproducibility in the provision of material used for further research and protocol development. When appropriate expression and solubilization conditions are identified, purification protocols are developed in small-scale, and then the work is transferred to different robots whose operational volume (1.2 mL to 20 mL) better supports structure determination or expanded biological studies.


Robotic Instrumentation

The unique suite of cell-free translation robots in use at TMPC were developed and manufactured by the CellFree Sciences Co., Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan). They are used for high-throughput screening (GenDecoder1000) or scale-up production (Protemist DTII) of milligram quantities of membrane protein for structural analysis. The newest robot, the Protemist XE, operates using a tangential flow dialysis platform and can synthesize up to 50 mg of membrane proteins in 48 h. These instruments, and the personnel and expertise to operate them, were assembled during PSI-1 and PSI-2 at CESG. No other freely accessible research site exists worldwide with this capability. We believe these robots will be a valuable resource for the PSI:Biology Network.

  GenDecoder1000 Protemist DTII Protemist100 Protemist XE
Typical Use HTP Screening Screening;
Format 96 well; 4x96 well 24 well; 6 well 8 tubes 1 reaction
Total Reaction Volume 14.4-19.2 mL 33.6 mL; 24 mL 32 mL 10-20 mL
Reaction Time 24 h 14 to 24 h 18 h 12 to 48 h
Automated Transcription Yes Yes Yes No
Automated Translation Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Purification No Yes No No
Yield Per Reaction 1 to 5 µg 50 µg to 1 mg 0.5 to 10 mg 1 to 70 mg



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